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Implementing sound corporate governance principles by listed companies is important to protect shareholder’s interests. How does Asian Citrus harmonize corporate governance standards throughout the Group? How many independent directors are there in the board?

The Board is comprised of two Executive Directors , a Non-Executive Director and three Independent Non-Executive Directors. Each of the Executive Directors has a wealth of managerial experience and the Non-Executive Director and the Independent Non-Executive Directors have a wealth of experience in finance and corporate development. The Directors are satisfied that the composition of the Board meets the objective of ensuring checks and balances in the Company’s management. The composition of the Board ensures that no one individual or group dominates the decision market process.

Monthly management accounts with financial highlights and narrative explanations are circulated to the Directors, which enable the Directors to conduct timely assessment of the performance, financial position and prospects of the Group.

The Board also delegates certain of its responsibilities to the Audit Committee and the Remuneration Committee which have clearly defined terms of reference.

The Group has effective internal controls to ensure good corporate governance. An independent internal control consultant has conducted independent review on specific areas of the internal control system of the Group annaually and reported to the Audit Committee and the Board.

How does the Group ensure the transparency of operations?
The Group has always been very transparent by regularly updating the market and has been working on enhancing our information disclosure in our public reports.
Does the Company have a corporate governance code and/or policies? What are the procedures for monitoring compliance with these? Who does the monitoring?
The Group has adopted the Corporate Governance Code contained in Appendix 14 to the Rules Governing the Listing of Securities on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the “HKEx”) (the “Hong Kong Listing Rules”) as its code as on corporate governance practices and the Model Code as set out in Appendix 10 to the Hong Kong Listing Rules as its own code of conduct regarding securities transactions by the Directors.

The Group has internal controls to ensure its compliance with these codes. An internal control consultant has conducted independent review on specific areas of the internal control system of the Group since 2009 and reported to the Audit Committee and the Board if there is any significant weakness in internal controls.

Is there any regular communication channels for investors?
The Board is committed to maintaining good communications with its shareholders and potential investors. The Group maintains a regularly updated website, which enables shareholders and potential investors to understand the Group better and to communicate with the senior management of the Group in a user-friendly platform.


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