Research & Development

Research and Development

To facilitate the continuous development of quality oranges, the Group has set up a research and development team. This team is responsible for quality control on raw materials, seedlings, rootstocks as well as the research and development return to oranges. Major projects include the development of improved species for oranges, techniques for cross-breeding of selected species, the application of green food and organic plantation standard and so on. The nursery supervisor manages the Group's nursery centre at the Hepu plantation which is for growing orange stock seedlings and cultivating rootstocks. The nursery supervisor has to report daily to the head of the AAD on the conditions of the stock seedlings and rootstock trees.

Committed & Experienced Management Team

The management team of the Group has extensive experience in the agricultural industry. Many of the Group's senior management members have completed tertiary education courses and are very familiar with the agricultural industry. Further, some of these management members have previously worked with US multi-national orange producers.

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